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Would you like your brand associated with a women’s group with over 200 active members covering all sectors?

Joining a professional women’s network provides not just access to role models, but provides career-boosting contacts, mentoring and confidence-boosting support too.



The Sligo Women in Business Network has emerged into an ambitious, dynamic and diverse group which brings together women in different stages of business development, from startup to expansion and everything in-between.

We provide a forum for women in business in the county of Sligo to share their experiences, network and to discuss topical business issues affecting women.

We run seminars/workshops throughout the year based on the identified needs of the members. It’s not all work though, the Network also runs a number of social events, which provide a welcome respite from daily business life, and are a great way to have some fun while getting to know other members.

The Network is open to all women with an interest in business. Whether you are the owner of the business or involved in running the business either as a partner, family member or manager.

Most of the events are cost-free (paid for out of the subscriptions) and any additional costs are kept as low as possible so as to facilitate as many as possible to attend.

Membership Benefits


    On joining, members can list their business details on our Directory page which increases your online presence and boosts SEO.


    Members can contribute to our regular ‘Share Your News’ post on our Facebook Page which has 3,500+ followers.


    Network and exchange business contacts.


    As a member, you will have access to mentoring from other network members.


    Members usually offer each other discounts on their products or services.


    Our members only Group is a private space for members to connect, share, ask questions, get advice and make recommendations.

Frequently asked questions

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Real results

Just listen to what our members say

“I have made great connections. The advice I have got has been wonderful”


Alicia Regnier

“I look forward to the meetings each month. It’s great to meet other women and hear their stories.”


Marie Hibbler

“I was a bit isoltaed as I am a one woman business. It’s great to connect with people in a similar situation.”

Sarah Hoffman

“I have got great info from the facilitators and have completed a number of LEO courses as a result.”

Mary Smith

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